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​Our Story

Ceres Natural Products Inc. was founded with one simple goal in mind; to improve the wellness of the world around us. We are devoted to introducing the public to herbal essences with the highest potential health benefits by staying true to pure, natural solutions. Each of our formulas is carefully engineered through collaboration with doctors possessing years of experience and formula designers whose reputations are backed by their fastidious results. They’ve spent years developing our herbal remedies to peak performance with the human body and now we are proud to release our full line of products globally through the launch of!


At Ceres, we firmly believe in the harmony between nature and the human body. This is why our completely natural line of products start with carefully selected seedlings that have never been genetically modified and will also be sure to yield the greatest results. Staying true to our roots, many of our herbs are grown in pure Tibetan farmlands that are far away from pollutants and have never been treated with artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The yak which produce our cheese live a happy, free-range existence and have never tasted GMO grass. The peas which are made into our protein-packed vegan powder are grown how nature intended; naturally.


Our commitment to bettering the world around us doesn’t stop there. To give back to the land which has given us so much, we and our partners in Tibet and the Qinghai province of China have donated 3% of 2015’s first-half net profit to a fund that provides local Tibetan children with scholarships and nutritious school meals. We at Ceres genuinely care about the future, which we believe starts with a stable, balanced life and good health. For centuries, this has been our culture, and for centuries more, we hope it will be a little of yours, too.